Substation Design

Expect More…

At Alpha Engineering, Inc., we help clients build on their strengths. That’s why we go above and beyond by providing every service required for new substation projects, as well as upgrades or expansions to existing substations.

Our approach encompasses even higher expectations when it comes to our service. Our team of experts not only understands our products and services, but they take the time to listen and understand each and every client’s needs. We make it our top priority that clients benefit from our personalized service and customized solutions.

Our Substation Design Services include:

  • Asset Management and Testing Programs
  • Owner’s representative
  • Conceptual design and alternative analysis
  • Budgetary cost estimates
  • Equipment and construction specifications
  • Project management and scheduling
  • Material lists
  • Design, structural, and control drawings
  • Protective relaying settings and coordination
  • Site layout
  • Grounding and lightning protection design
  • 3D drawings
  • Control building
  • SCADA & communications
  • Cyber and physical security
  • NERC-CIP compliance
  • Oil containment systems
  • Commissioning and training

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