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Mapping With Smarter Solutions

Our clients want smarter solutions that help them save time and money in an ever-increasing complex environment. That’s why Alpha Engineering, Inc (AEI) utilizes the latest technology for our client’s mapping needs. We offer GIS maps and updates using ESRI’s ArcGIS software package. ArcGIS allows the user to accurately map service areas at the highest levels of precision and detail.

It’s done with unparalleled, customized accuracy

Our project managers collect your geographic data by using advanced GPS units. This data is then used to develop a high-quality map with robust analysis capabilities. Each class of features on the map can be uniquely displayed and customized.

This allows you the capacity to track and maintain inventories of poles, devices, units, wire sizes and phasing through the database capabilities of GIS. Custom queries can be developed to provide you with detailed reports on usage, outages and other critical information, tailored to fit your exact needs.

AEI can also develop customized GIS applications. Our applications can be tailored to accommodate your specific software, hardware and usability requirements. Our individualized approach allows you to fully integrate your company’s GIS capabilities into your exact business practices.

For continued support, AEI mapping specialists can update client mapping and GIS data as required or through an ongoing basis. This service can be provided both on-location and remotely. The maps we produce have several different display possibilities, providing you with countless customization possibilities.

At AEI, we take the time to completely understand your specific goals and objectives, giving you unmatched service and delivering proven results.


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