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There’s a reason we’re an industry leader when it comes to Arc Flash Hazard Safety solutions. We are fully committed to helping you solve your challenges through our services, years of experience and in-depth knowledge. Our top priority is making sure we align with your current needs by providing you with a comprehensive Arc Flash Hazard Analysis that results in a safer workplace in the area of your business that matters the most – your people.

What is an arc flash? Why is it a hazard?

An arc flash is often an unwelcome and unforeseen serious electrical hazard created when energy is released during an arcing fault. An arc fault occurs when an energized conductor comes in contact with another object that cannot handle the short-circuit capacity of the energy source. Once the short-circuit current begins to flow, conductive materials can be vaporized, or they can be moved by the mechanical force of the current flow. Either way, current can continue to flow through conductive plasma until the system voltage can no longer sustain the arc or a protective device interrupts the flow of electricity. Consequently, an arc flash can not only cause significant damage to equipment, but more importantly, harm nearby personnel by causing hearing or vision damage, severe burns or even fatalities.

What is an AEI Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, and why is it so important?

An Alpha Engineering, Inc. (AEI) Arc Flash Hazard Analysis is an extensive process performed by our experienced engineers who deliver outstanding service along with transparent access to valuable data. In keeping with OSHA regulations, we also make sure you stay compliant, while at the same time provide you with a comprehensive safety plan moving forward for your employees and your company.
The benefits of an Arc Flash Study are significant. They include:

Development of a single-line diagram

Completion of a fault study that includes the utility contribution, system impedance and X/R ratios to determine calculated three phase and single-phase faults throughout the electrical system

Completion of an equipment device coordination study to determine optimum settings of over current protective devices to help assure that the nearest device isolates the fault so other equipment is not unnecessarily shutdown

Contribute to an electrically safe work environment for employees and contractors

Identification of safe working distances from energized electrical equipment

Conclusion of a protective device evaluation to determine the adequacy of all protective devices

Mitigation of arc flash hazards, keeping the flash hazard category to the lowest possible energy levels

Creation of arc flash warning labels indicating the potential voltage and arc flash hazards and required PPE at equipment locations throughout a facility

AEI can provide a complete Arc Flash Evaluation using multiple modeling and analytical software products, including:

SKM System Analysis Inc’s Power*Tools®


Easy Power®

Milsoft Utility Solutions’ WindMil©.


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