Does Power Quality Matter?


It’s important to invest in high quality power, but what exactly does that mean? Many people consider power quality as the number of electrical interruptions, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Power quality includes a combination of factors such as your equipment, sustainability, outage sensitivity, and overall power distortion. These factors all contribute to equipment working properly and if the electrical system’s parameters are within acceptable limits. In order to avoid outages and long-term issues, It’s best to work with an expert who can help you maximize your power quality and set your system up for success for years to come.  We’re breaking everything about power quality down for you in today’s blog post.

Lowers Production Costs

Has your power source experienced issues like extended outages, momentary surges or under or over voltage conditions? All of these can impact your production costs, and oftentimes become very expensive issues. If you’re using low-quality equipment, these pieces might be working a lot harder than they have to, causing the lifespan of your equipment to decrease due to overuse. In order to make sure that your production costs are in a comfortable range for your needs, be sure to invest in a power quality solution that will consistently meet your power needs and ultimately lower your costs.

Decreases Interruptions

Every business wants to minimize power interruptions as much as possible. They are costly, stressful and incredibly inconvenient. High quality power is prone to less interruptions, but why? Power quality includes many different pieces of a larger puzzle that fit together. When they are put together in the correct way, it creates a consistent, reliable power system that can handle everyday burdens that the environment might bring. If you’re facing a lot of power interruptions, it might be time to connect with your local service provider to assess your power quality and learn more about the cause behind these issues.

Comprehensive Solutions

When your power isn’t reliable, there are typically multiple factors that are contributing to these issues. By investing in a sustainable power solution, specific parameters such as voltage, current, harmonic content and frequency are investigated to create a comprehensive solution. By assessing each parameter, the power source will not only be more reliable, but it will also be easier to troubleshoot if any issue does arise in the future. Effective equipment and a comprehensive analysis should be a top priority when investing in a power solution. 

If you’re ready to assess your power quality, Alpha Engineering is here to help. Fill out our contact form, and we will reach out to you shortly to learn about your operation.