What is an AEI Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, And Why is it so Important?

Man and woman in construction gear inspecting electrical wires

Did you know five to ten arc explosions occur in electric equipment every day in the U.S? If you’ve ever been around electrical tools, you may have heard of arc flash. Read on to learn more about arc flashes, the dangers of them, and the importance of an arc flash analysis.

What Is Arc Flash?

An arc flash is an unwelcome and unforeseen serious electrical hazard created when energy is released during an arcing fault. Currents can flow through the conductive plasma until the system voltage can no longer sustain the arc or a protective device interrupts the flow of electricity. An arc flash can be caused by many different factors such as dust, dropping tools, corrosion, or condensation. Arc flashes not only cause significant damage to equipment but they can also harm nearby personnel through hearing or vision damage, severe burns, or even fatalities. 

There are three factors that determine the severity of an arc flash injury:

  1. Proximity of the worker to the hazard
  2. Temperature
  3. Time for the circuit to break

Why An Arc Flash Analysis is Important 

An arc flash analysis must be performed prior to letting personnel work on energized equipment. An analysis defines the flash protection boundary distance and the type of Personal Protection Equipment required. Alpha Engineering is an industry leader when it comes to arc flash hazard analysis in Indianapolis. Our arc flash hazard analysis includes an extensive process performed by our experienced engineers while complying with OSHA regulations, and we’ll make sure your business stays compliant with the right safety plan. We deliver outstanding services along with transparent access to valuable data. If you’re considering arc flash services in Indianapolis, IN there are many benefits including: 

  • Mitigating arc flash hazards
  • Keeping the flash hazard category to the lowest possible energy levels
  • Identifying safe working distances from energized electrical equipment
  • Contributing to an electrically safe work environment

Our team has the ability to provide a complete Arc Flash Evaluation using multiple modeling and analytical software products. These include SKM System Analysis Inc’s Power*Tools, ETAP, Easy Power, and Milsoft Utility Solutions’ WindMil. Our experience and access to these products places us as an industry leader in arc flash hazard analysis in Indianapolis. Performing an arc flash hazard analysis results in a safer workplace in the area of your business that matters the most – your people. 

If you would like our expertise or guidance on arc flash hazard analysis, head to our website and contact us today! Our well-trained team in Indianapolis would be happy to assist you.