5 Things to Know About the Smart Grid


How much do you know about the Smart Grid? This power source can seem complex, and it has so much to offer. The power grid is a system of transmission lines, substations, and more that deliver electricity from the power plant to both residential and commercial areas. According to this article, the electric grid currently includes over 9,200 electric generating units and involves over one million megawatts of generating capacity. We’re breaking down five things you should know about the Smart Grid below!

Less Disruption

Homes and businesses across the globe are counting on consistent power without disruptions. It can be frustrating to experience outages, especially when they come without any warning. Power outages can be costly for businesses and inconvenient for residential communities, and the Smart Grid is built to withstand challenges, offering fewer outages and less disruptions.

More Security

How is the Smart Grid more secure than traditional lines? It’s actually protected by federal regulatory standards. The Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act of 2022 (CIRCIA) was passed in March, and it requires more regular reporting to ensure that leadership can look for issues before they become significant. They are continually creating more ways to keep power secure because it supports so many communities across the globe.

Increased Reliability

The Smart Grid is a reliable power source, and it has proven to be consistent over long periods of time. It offers two-way communication of electricity, making it more difficult to interrupt in a significant way. It can also handle larger amounts of power, making it a stronger source of energy for both commercial and residential areas.

Greater Efficiency

Many people claim that “electricity is the fuel of the future.”  The Smart Grid offers more opportunities for renewable energy, making it more efficient for all users. Renewable energy is something that more businesses are willing to invest in, and we expect that number to rise significantly in the coming years. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Lowers Rates

Yes, a power grid actually lowers rates for everyone. According to this article, a national system could save consumers almost $47.2 billion a year! How would this happen? An increase in efficiency and more affordable renewable energy options both play a big role.

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