Smart Grid

Alpha Engineering, Inc. (AEI) is helping today’s utilities, renewable energy developers, universities, and large commercial and industrial harness the capabilities and advances of the Smart Grid.  The Smart Grid broadly refers to the technological, communication, and control functionalities that are rapidly being deployed in the power industry.  We are combining our experience in the power industry with cutting edge technology to help our clients deploy programs and devices to improve safety, reliability, capacity, efficiency, and communications.  Let us help you not only plan, design, and implement your Smart Grid initiative, but turn the new data into meaningful information using our Data Analytics capabilities.  Examples of our Smart Grid projects and capabilities include:

  • SCADA & Communications Design
  • Physical and Cyber Security Best Practices
  • NERC-CIP Compliance
  • Feeder Automation / Self-Healing Schemes
  • Volt/Var Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Demand Response/Management
  • Smart Grid / Communications Roadmap

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